How to Help

How to Help

Sanctuary Giving

Through our Sanctuary Fund, NEAVS/Project R&R supports the lifetime care of animals rescued from research. NEAVS/Project R&R has helped give these individuals a second chance through life in quality sanctuary—including chimpanzees from biomedical labs, owl monkeys from optical research that left them blind, a gibbon from AIDS research, squirrel monkeys from maternal deprivation studies, and others. These rescues are rare opportunities to change the lives of former research victims in an immediate and gratifying way, as we work toward the day when all animals will be free from vivisection.

By giving to the NEAVS/Project R&R Sanctuary Fund, you help support:

  • Rescue transportation for chimpanzees, monkeys, and other animals who are former victims of research.
  • Special treats, soft blankets, toys, and hundreds of other ways to enrich their lives.
  • Major grants to build spacious enclosures, overhead tunnel systems, and lush outdoor islands to allow as much freedom as possible in captivity.
  • Emergency relief for animals affected by disasters like 9/11, the Haiti earthquake, and Hurricane Harvey, including rescue, supplies, veterinary care and spay/neuter clinics in affected regions
  • Rescuing individuals like Arthur and Phoenix, two baby chimpanzees born in a lab and sold as “surplus” into the entertainment industry—a rescue that placed dozens of other exotic animals in permanent sanctuaries as well.
  • Funding the rehabilitation and care of Asiatic Moon Bears rescued from bile farms in China—where bears are confined in crush cages and subjected to crude surgeries to extract bile from their gallbladders for consumer and medicinal use.

Our Sanctuary Fund recipients have included Animals Asia, Center for Great Apes, Chimp Haven, Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest, Fauna Foundation, International Primate Protection League, Jungle Friends, Mindy's Memory, Primate Rescue Center, Save the Chimps, Primarily Primates, Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation, and others.

To support these rescues and sanctuary efforts, simply earmark your donation for the NEAVS/Project R&R Sanctuary Fund and know that you are helping the lucky few who are now safe from research and testing.

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