Chimpanzees – An Unnatural History DVD: $19.95
Chimpanzees – An Unnatural History DVD
PBS Documentary

Thousands of our closest living relatives have lived among us for well over a century, mostly in solitary confinement. We dressed and trained them to be like humans, sent them into space and infected them with diseases. And then, an entire population of these captive chimpanzees was left behind by science, their care neglected, their stories forgotten, their records lost. But today, a few dedicated individuals are working hard to give these long-suffering
creatures the freedom and
sanctuary they so richly deserve.

Project R&R is thrilled to offer the groundbreaking and Emmy award-winning documentary from the PBS Nature series, Chimpanzees: An Unnatural History. Your purchase benefits our Sanctuary Fund.

For home and educational use
60 min on DVD

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