U.S. sanctuaries with chimpanzees

Primate Rescue Center

Eileen Dunnington, Sanctuary Manager
Primate Rescue Center, Inc.
2515 Bethel Road
Nicholasville, KY 40356
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The Primate Rescue Center (PRC) began as a home for rescued monkeys in the 1980s, and expanded to become a home for chimpanzees in 1996. When the Laboratory for Experimental Medicine and Surgery in Primates (LEMSIP) began releasing some of their chimpanzees to sanctuary to avoid their transfer to the dreaded Coulston Foundation, director April Truitt (Project R&R Advisory Board member) took seven juveniles – ranging in age from one and a half to six years old (Ike, the oldest boy of the group, had spent the most time with his mother – a mere year and a half - before he was taken to the LEMSIP nursery where humans raised young chimpanzees to prepare them for active research protocols). The babies are now young adults and have been joined at the PRC by four adult chimpanzees who were privately “owned” before their rescue. In August 2006, the chimpanzees moved into expanded living quarters in a brand new enclosure. The entire sanctuary sits on 30 acres in central Kentucky.

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