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A listing of 121 chimpanzees originally held at the Yerkes National Primate Research Center. Of the 121 listed, 85 remain, according to the Institute of Medicine's Chimpanzees in Biomedical and Behavioral Research: Assessing the Necessity December 2011 report.

(Census originally obtained by Stop Experimentation on & Exploitation of Chimpanzees (SEEC) in 2001. Unfortunately, we have not been able to obtain any more recent detailed information on all the chimpanzees at this facility.)

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) inquiries were sent to Yerkes in January 2012 and January 2013 requesting the names and other identifying information for chimpanzees at the facility. Yerkes declined our request.

Based on a May 2011 document from Yerkes, we estimate that Yerkes has around 16 chimpanzees born prior to the 1975 ban on capturing free-living chimpanzees in Africa – indicating that some may have been captured from the wild as infants, around 4 chimpanzees born after the 1995 voluntary federal breeding moratorium, and 24 elder females and 7 elder males.

Chimpanzees are considered elderly beginning at 25 years for males (DOB 1987 or earlier) and 30 years for females (DOB 1982 or earlier).*

If you have current or historic information on the chimpanzees held at this facility, please contact us.

1 Wenka C0170 F 21-May-54 Alert: One of the oldest chimpanzes held for research.
2 Cheeta C0438 F 1-Jan-57 Alert: One of the oldest chimpanzees held for research.
3 Lulu C0476 F 1-Jan-57 Alert: One of the oldest chimpanzees held for research.
4 Maxine C0338 F 1-Feb-57 Alert: One of the oldest chimpanzees held for research.
5 Jenda C0188 F 14-Feb-58 Deceased.
6 Reba C0190 F 3-Nov-58 Deceased.
7 Boka C0200 F 11-Nov-59 Deceased.
8 Martha C0204 F 7-Jul-60  
9 Mary C0202 F 7-Jul-60  
10 Beleka C0380 F 1-Jan-62  
11 Iyk C0317 M 1-Aug-62 Possibly deceased.
12 Borie C0454 F 1-Jan-64  
13 Mai C0456 F 1-Jan-64  
14 Tai C0492 F 1-Jan-67  
15 Duncan C0295 M 16-Sep-67  
16 Foxy C0382 F 10-Dec-67  
17 Peony C0522 F 1-Jan-68  
18 Bo C0490 F 1-Jan-69  
19 Jeanie C0494 F 1-Jan-69  
20 Lil' One C0488 F 1-Jan-69  
21 Rogger C0389 M 1-Jan-69  
22 Heppie C0400 F 8-May-69  
23 Leslie C0538 F 1-Jan-70  
24 Boisfeuillet C0369 M 14-Dec-71 Possibly deceased.
25 Barbara C0462 F 16-Dec-72  
26 Marietta C0472 F 3-Aug-73  
27 Ericka C0500 F 20-Oct-73  
28 Vivienne C0498 F 27-Jul-74  
29 Les C0407 M 8-Sep-75 Released to Chimp Haven.
30 Suzanna C0514 F 25-Feb-76 Released to Chimp Haven.
31 Lena C0516 F 29-Feb-76  
32 Barbi C0518 F 14-Jun-76  
33 Artifee C0520 F 24-Jul-76  
34 Jacqueline C0524 F 16-Oct-76  
35 Ossabaw C0421 M 17-Nov-76  
36 Cissie C0526 F 28-Nov-76  
37 Mortimer C0423 M 20-Dec-76 Deceased.
38 Jimmy Carter C0425 M 21-Jan-77 Deceased.
39 Phillip C0429 M 30-Apr-77  
40 David C0431 M 27-Jun-77  
41 Tika C0534 F 3-Oct-78 Released to Chimp Haven in 2006.
42 Sabrina C0536 F 16-Oct-78  
43 Joye C0542 F 13-Feb-79 Released to Chimp Haven in 2006.
44 Arctica C0544 F 19-Feb-79 Released to Chimp Haven in 2006.
45 Sara C0548 F 16-May-79  
46 Anja C0554 F 9-Jan-80  
47 Cynthia C0558 F 7-Jun-80  
48 Georgia C0562 F 27-Aug-80  
49 Joseph C0475 M 25-Nov-80  
50 Rufus C0479 M 20-Jan-81  
51 Melissa C0568 F 27-Jun-81  
52 Lux C0485 M 16-Aug-81  
53 Marc C0487 M 6-Sep-81 Released to Chimp Haven in 2006.
54 Amos C0495 M 11-Nov-81  
55 Jonah C0497 M 17-Feb-82 Released to Chimp Haven in 2006.
56 Waga C0570 F 19-Mar-82  
57 Melinda C0574 F 30-Oct-82  
58 Carmichael C0503 M 21-Mar-83  
59 Gelb C0505 M 18-Apr-83  
60 Lee C0576 F 29-Dec-83  
61 Brodie C0580 F 10-Jan-84  
62 Shirley C0588 F 11-Jan-85  
63 Suwanee C0590 F 17-Feb-85  
64 Brandy C0592 F 26-Apr-85  
65 Carl C0527 M 21-May-86  
66 Justin C0529 M 1-Aug-86  
67 Winston C0535 M 12-Jan-87  
68 Socrates C0537 M 23-Jan-87  
69 Scott C0545 M 23-Jun-87  
70 Katrina C0604 F 26-Jul-87  
71 Jarred C0549 M 21-Sep-87  
72 Rita C0606 F 23-Sep-87  
73 Ranette C0610 F 17-Dec-87  
74 Lamar C0555 M 27-Apr-88  
75 Kengee C0616 F 1-Jun-88  
76 Dara C0624 F 16-Jun-88  
77 Fritz C0561 M 14-Jul-88  
78 Bjorn C0563 M 16-Jul-88 Deceased.
79 Rowena C0628 F 13-Aug-88  
80 Wilma C0630 F 27-Oct-88 Deceased.
81 Elvira C0632 F 31-Oct-88  
82 Chip C0567 M 30-Mar-89  
83 Barney C0575 F 6-May-89  
84 Travis C0583 M 2-Aug-89  
85 Daisey C0650 F 1-Oct-89  
86 Cathy C0652 F 5-Oct-89  
87 Luther C0589 M 14-Jan-90  
88 Duff C0591 M 8-Feb-90  
89 Elwood C0593 M 19-Feb-90  
90 Dona C0658 F 3-Apr-90  
91 Artemus C0599 M 18-Dec-90  
92 Callie C0676 F 18-Feb-91  
93 Virginia C0678 F 18-Apr-91  
94 Rebecca C0680 F 20-May-91  
95 Arthur C0601 M 21-May-91  
96 Edwina C0682 F 28-May-91  
97 Amanda C0684 F 15-Jun-91  
98 Evelyne C0686 F 4-Sep-91  
99 Jewelle C0688 F 9-Mar-92  
100 Faye C0694 F 22-Jun-92  
101 Frannie C0696 F 26-Oct-92  
102 Jolson C0623 M 10-Jan-93  
103 Agatha C0700 F 21-Jan-93  
104 Drew C0629 M 6-Mar-93  
105 Lucas C0631 M 22-Mar-93  
106 Missy C0706 F 8-Jul-93  
107 Patrick C0639 M 14-Jul-93  
108 Sylvia C0708 F 19-Jul-93  
109 Steward C0641 M 8-Sep-93  
110 Liza C0714 F 19-Mar-94  
111 Julie C0718 F 29-Aug-94  
112 Fiona C0722 F 5-Dec-94  
113 Kerri C0724 F 2-Jan-95  
114 Abby C0726 F 11-May-95  
115 Jaimie C0728 F 17-May-95  
116 Christa C0730 F 1-Jun-95  
117 Tara C0736 F 5-Sep-95  
118 Azalea C0746 F 7-Mar-97  
119 Samantha C0748 F 28-Aug-97  
120 Julianne C0750 F 15-May-98  
121 Denis C0659 M 13-Apr-99 Possibly deceased.



* Source: Videan, E. N., Fritz, J., & Murphy, J. (2008, April). Effects of Aging on Hematology and Serum Clinical Chemistry in Chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes). American Journal of Primatology, 70(4), 327-338.

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