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168 Jetta A336C F 9-Apr-86  
169 Talbot CB0561 M 6-May-86 Not listed in 2010 census.
170 Kasey C0598 F 13-May-86  
171 Kate A247D F 10-Jun-86  
172 Manny A127AA M 21-Jun-86  
173 Turk A208BB M 27-Jul-86  
174 Missy 5272/A237G F 10-Aug-86 Not listed in 2010 census.
175 Rambo 86A003 M 3-Sep-86  
176 Rero 1410 M 4-Nov-86 Originally at APF; transferred here in 2006.
177 n/a 9728 M 4-Nov-86  
178 Baby Bird 86A005 F 13-Dec-86 D, PB; Died February 18, 2002.
179 Jennifer 86A006 F 17-Dec-86 D, PB; Died May 21, 2001.
180 Holly A242H F 27-Feb-87  
181 Briggsie CB0603 M 23-Mar-87  
182 Beulah 87A001 F 25-Apr-87 D, PBR; Died August 8, 2006.
183 Twyla 87A002 F 2-May-87 D, PB
184 Hulk CB0609 M 18-May-87 Not listed in 2011 census.
185 Toya 87A003 F 28-May-87 D, PB
186 Kim 88A001 F 11-Aug-87 D, PBR
187 Sasha A208H F 16-Aug-87  
188 Renee CB0556 F 20-Sep-87 Not listed in 2010 census.
189 Luke A195E M 25-Oct-87  
190 Kris 88A002/5388 F 10-Nov-87 Released to Chimp Haven.
191 Jude A237H M 18-Nov-87  
192 Conn A242BA M 6-Dec-87  
193 Sterling 1441 M 12-Dec-87 Not listed in 2011 census. Originally at APF; transferred here in 2006.
194 Lori 88A003 F 22-Dec-87 D, PB
195 Kenny B X162 M 23-Dec-87  
196 Monty 88A004 M 13-Jan-88 D, PBR; Died June 14, 2002.
197 Mackenzie 88A005 F 31-Jan-88 D, PB
198 Kasey 88A006/5412 M 17-Feb-88 Released to Chimp Haven.
199 Kira 88A007 F 12-Mar-88 D, CA
200 Henry 88A008 M 15-Mar-88  
201 Clinton 88A009 M 22-Apr-88 Not listed in 2010 census.
202 Ronald C0557 M 4-May-88  
203 Justin 88A0l0 M 19-May-88  
204 Apollo 88A012 M 29-May-88  
205 Megan 88A013 F 7-Jul-88 D, CA
206 Mindy 88A014 F 11-Jul-88 D, CA
207 Cola 88A016 F 7-Nov-88 D, PBR
208 Jadine 88A018 F 15-Nov-88 D, CA; Died February 10, 2010.
209 Danielle 88A019 F 18-Nov-88 D, PBR
210 Brandy 88A020 F 23-Nov-88 D, CA; Died December 3, 2008.
211 Dali CB0572 F 1-Dec-88  
212 n/a C0636 F 20-Jan-89  
213 n/a C0638 F 11-Feb-89  
214 Candy 89A005 F 20-Feb-89 D, CA
215 Rocko 89A006 M 20-Mar-89  
216 Jimbo 89A007 M 30-Mar-89  
217 Tattoo 89A008 M 3-May-89  
218 Jurita 89A009 F 26-May-89  
219 n/a CH651 M 4-Jun-89  
220 Pierre 89A010 M 20-Jul-89 Not listed in 2010 census.
221 Jamie 89A011 F 6-Aug-89  
222 Jack 89A014 M 30-Sep-89  
223 Jill 89A015 F 30-Sep-89  
224 Jermain 89A017 M 25-Nov-89  
225 Blue 89A021 M 23-Dec-89  
226 Janice C0654 F 1-Jan-90  
227 P.G. 1486 M 12-Jan-90 Originally at APF; transferred here in 2006.
228 Jolene 1490 F 2-Jan-90 Originally at APF; transferred here in 2006. DOB at APF as Feb. 1, 1990.
229 Axl 1492 M 14-Mar-90 Originally at APF; transferred here in 2006.
230 Emily 90A002 F 10-May-90  
231 A.J. 90A003 M 20-May-90 Not listed in 2010 census.
232 n/a C0664 F 18-Jun-90  
233 Twit 90A005 F 11-Jul-90  
234 Tomaque 90A007 M 27-Jul-90  
235 Lizzy C0668 F 6-Aug-90  
236 Josh C0597 M 27-Aug-90  
237 Kyle 90A012 M 10-Oct-90 Not listed in 2010 census.
238 Nina 90A013 F 25-Oct-90 D, PBR
239 Josh 90A014 M 14-Nov-90  
240 Precious 90A015 F 23-Dec-90  
241 Clyde 91A001 M 3-Jan-91  
242 Moonie 91A002 F 15-Jan-91  
243 Jessie 91A003 F 1-Feb-91  
244 Jordan 91A004 M 3-Mar-91 D, PBR
245 Dawn 91A005 F 12-Mar-91  
246 Gary 91A006 M 12-Mar-91 D, PBR
247 Cocoa 91A007 M 13-Apr-91 D, PBR
248 Bud 91A008 M 30-Apr-91 D, PBR
249 Peanut 91A010 F 28-May-91 D, PBR
250 Amy 91A012 F 14-Jul-91 Released to Chimp Haven in November 2007.
251 Cody 91A016 M 13-Aug-91 D, PBR
252 Dino 91A018 M 14-Aug-91 D, PBR
253 Hoss 1530 M 4-Sep-91 Not listed in 2012 census.
254 Jacko 1535 M 4-Nov-91 Not listed in 2010 census.
255 Shone 91A020 M 3-Dec-91 D, PBR
256 Clayton 1536 M 11-Dec-91  
257 Akeen 91A021 M 12-Dec-91 D, PBR
258 Hillary 91A022 F 22-Dec-91 D, PBR
259 Buffy 91A024 F 23-Dec-91  
260 Muffy 91A023 F 23-Dec-91 D, PBR
261 Millie 91A025 F 24-Dec-91  
262 Simpson 92A002 M 28-Feb-92 D, PP
263 Heather 92A003 F 5-Apr-92 D, PP
264 Kayle 92A004 F 15-Apr-92 D, PP
265 Gigi 92A005 F 27-Apr-92 D, PP
266 Barbet 92A006 F 7-May-92 D, PP
267 Bebe or Chicken 92A007 M 13-Jun-92 D, PP
268 Slim 92A008 F 17-Jun-92 D, PP
269 Jimmy 92A009 M 1-Jul-92 D, PP
270 Tinkerbell 1547 F 12-Aug-92 Originally at APF; transferred here in 2006.
271 Fanni 92A011 F 18-Sep-92 D, PP
272 Tosha 92A012 F 23-Sep-92 D, PP
273 Dapples 92A013 M 6-Oct-92 D, PP
274 Passion 92A014 F 14-Oct-92 D, PP
275 Nope 92A015 F 11-Nov-92 D, PP
276 Rat 92A016 F 23-Dec-92 D, PP; Died April 23, 2007.
277 Abe 93A001 M 12-Feb-93 D, PP
278 Alison 93A002 F 12-Feb-93 D, PP
279 Monkey 93A003 M 13-Feb-93 D, PP
280 Hugo 93A004 M 14-Feb-93 D, PP
281 Wilma 1558 F 15-Feb-93  
282 Alissa 1563 F 27-Feb-93 Originally at APF; transferred here in 2006.
283 Barry 1564 M 2-Mar-93  
284 Pepe 93A006 M 14-Mar-93 D, PP
285 Baby 93A007 F 6-Apr-93 D, PP
286 Miff 93A008 F 8-Apr-93 D, PP
287 Flint 93A009 M 13-Apr-93 D, PP
288 Blossom 93A010 F 2-May-93 D, PP
289 Moe 93A011 M 13-May-93 D, PP
290 Bumble 93A012 F 16-Jun-93 D, PP
291 Goblin 93A013 M 28-Jul-93 D, PP
292 n/a C0643 M 26-Sep-93  
293 Satan 93A016 M 24-Nov-93 D, PP
294 Lindsey C0710 F 10-Feb-94  
295 Rosemary C0712 F 11-Feb-94  
296 Destiny 94A002 F 21-Feb-94 D, PP
297 n/a C0647 M 9-Mar-94  
298 Ned 94A003 M 6-Jun-94 D, PP
299 Haydn 94A006 M 13-Oct-94 D, PP
300 Ashley 6072/94A008 F 28-Nov-94 D, PP
301 Little Joe 95A001 M 10-Jan-95 D, PP
302 Bunny 95A003 F 13-Mar-95  
303 Racheal 95A004 F 14-May-95  
304 Taz 95A005 M 21-Jun-95  
305 Jay 95A006 M 30-Jun-95 D, PP
306 Veronica 95A007 F 13-Jul-95  
307 Nash 95A008 M 29-Jul-95  
308 James 95A009 M 29-Jul-95 D, PP
309 Racheal 6161 F 2-Aug-95 Not listed in 2010 census.
310 Kassie 95A010 F 7-Aug-95  
311 Olive-oyl 95A012 F 3-Sep-95 Not listed in 2010 census.
312 Jeff 95A013 M 10-Sep-95 D, CA
313 Ross 95A014 M 23-Sep-95 Not listed in 2010 census.
314 Leah 95A015 F 7-Oct-95 D, PP
315 Kent 95A016 M 21-Oct-95 D, CA
316 Gizmo 95A017 M 30-Oct-95 D, PP
317 Jarret 95A018 M 7-Nov-95 D, CA
318 Georgette 96A001 F 22-Feb-96 D, PP; (All chimpanzees from this year on were born after the 1995 breeding referendum)
319 Poonie 96A002 F 11-Mar-96 D, PP
320 Anna 96A003 F 12-Mar-96  
321 Babs 96A004 F 24-Mar-96  
322 Pearl 96A005 F 25-Mar-96 D, PP
323 Randi 96A007 F 28-Mar-96 D, CA
324 Morgan C0651 M 11-Apr-96  
325 Melissa 96A008 F 15-Apr-96 D, CA;
326 Shag 96A009 M 28-Apr-96 D, PP
327 Kissey 96A010 M 15-May-96 D, PP
328 Corney 96A011 M 19-Jun-96 D, PP
329 Mickey 96A012 M 28-Jun-96 D, PP
330 Shelby 96A014 F 13-Jul-96 D, PP
331 Poncho 96A015 M 28-Jul-96 D, PP
332 Jet 96A016 M 30-Jul-96 D, PP
333 Sassy 96A017 F 12-Aug-96 D, PP
334 Sky 96A018 F 27-Oct-96  
335 Emmitt 96A019/9422 M 13-Nov-96 Released to Chimp Haven in November 2007. (DOB at CH as Mar. 2, 1998.)


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