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Project R&R submits appropriations committee testimony to end funding for breeding

March 16, 2006 • Posted in Project R&R News

Project R&R/NEAVS today submitted written testimony to the House committee on appropriations.

The testimony states that:

Project R&R specifically requests that federal funding for breeding of chimpanzees for research, or for projects that require breeding of chimpanzees, be prohibited… We further request that if a facility that houses federally owned or supported chimpanzees is found to be breeding chimpanzees, its federal funding be revoked.

By presenting this testimony, Project R&R hopes to begin to lay the groundwork for an end to all use of chimpanzees in research by addressing many of the same issues that will be pertinent to the success of such a ban. Further, given the recent National Advisory Research Resources Council’s (NARRC) decision to extend the voluntary breeding moratorium through 2007, the climate to argue against further breeding is right.

The testimony was co-signed by Project R&R’s director and several notable advisory board members.

Read the testimony.


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