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Sponsor Our Radio Public Service Announcement (PSA)

April 25, 2012 • Posted in Multi-Media

Our ready-for-broadcast radio PSA is a great way to reach thousands of people in your area for free and get the word out for chimpanzees in US laboratories.

  • Click here to listen to our PSA—To download on PC, right-click and select “Save Target As”; for Mac, click and select “Download Linked File.”
  • Take Action—Most radio stations have a website you can find by searching online. Directions on how to submit a PSA to the station(s) of your choice are usually listed on the contact page. Or, you can call your local station(s) to ask.
  • Send email—Before sending the PSA file, begin by emailing the station(s) and politely asking them to play the PSA for free. Briefly describe it and let them know they would be helping raise awareness about a timely subject of interest and benefit to their listeners.
  • Confirm receipt—Follow up your email with a phone call. If the station is interested, ask if they will accept the PSA via email in MP3 format. If they need it on CD, please email us at and we will send you one to provide to them. If the station only takes print copy for the announcer to read, click here to download the print copy PDF.

Your help in educating the public is invaluable and appreciated! Once you secure placement for our PSA, please email us and let us know the great news!

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