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Chimpanzees get the spotlight on PBS

November 6, 2006 • Posted in Project R&R News

Project R&R is happy to report that PBS NATURE captured a strong audience last night, Sunday, with the premiere of Chimpanzees: An Unnatural History, giving chimpanzees the much needed and deserved spotlight. “Considering what the documentary was up against in Sunday night programming, it did extremely well, especially in New York” said Allison Argo, the award-winning filmmaker who wrote and directed the documentary.

The documentary features footage from the Fauna Foundation, Save the Chimps, and the Center for Great Apes. Viewers in the U.S and Canada got a first-hand glimpse at the lives of former chimpanzees from U.S. research who are now living in sanctuaries.

Project R&R spoke with Ms. Argo the morning after the premiere on how she felt when she saw the film air on national television. “As I was watching, I kept pinching myself saying, ‘I can’t believe it’s on PBS.’ It took tremendous nerve and conviction to air this program. PBS deserves a round of applause.” She continued on to say that she dreams about the chimpanzees, and she won’t be walking away from them or the issue anytime soon. “The film is done, but they will forever be a part of my being. I hope that the film has a very large afterlife to continue to provide education and foster discussion, and most importantly that the sanctuaries and chimpanzees benefit directly.”

Dr. Theodora Capaldo, president of NEAVS and executive director of Project R&R gave her accolades as well “We are deeply grateful for the breadth of this documentary. It could not have been done without the hard work and participation of Allison, Dr. Carole Noon, Patti Ragan, Gloria Grow and most of all the true stars of the film: Ron, Thoto, Tody, Billy Jo and Tom. The feedback from friends and supporters after the program confirms again what is important to the public and strengthens our conviction: it’s time to do right by our next of kin.”

To read a post-show interview with Gloria Grow from the Fauna Foundation click here.

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