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April 7, 2012 • Posted in Multi-Media

A list of films/documentaries/news featuring free-living chimpanzees and chimpanzees used in research. In an attempt to foster comprehensive discussion, some of the listings contain opposing points of view and do not imply endorsement by Project R&R.

ABC News: Nightline undercover investigation

Undercover investigation focused on the New Iberia Research Center (NIRC), this exposé on ABC’ News Nightline brings the realities of chimpanzees and other primates’ life to viewers.

Source: Click here to link to program.

20/20: “Great Ape Project”

Chimpanzee advocate Dr. Roger Fouts visits his old friend Booee, a chimpanzee formerly used for sign language experiments, at the biomedical research Laboratory for Experimental Surgery and Medicine in Primates.

Source: This video is unavailable for purchase. Available for loan from NEAVS/Project R&R.

Breaking Barriers

Story of the undercover rescue of four baby chimpanzees from the SEMA laboratory (now Bioqual). 13 minutes

Source: People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, 501 Front Street, Norfolk, VA 23510

Chimpanzees: An Unnatural History  

Groundbreaking and Emmy award-winning documentary from PBS’ Nature series.  Run time: 60 minutes. Visit our store to learn more and purchase this DVD.

Chimpanzees Today

Physical anthropologist Anne Zeller explores the many ways chimpanzees are used by humans. Of special interest is footage taken by Dr. Zeller during a visit to the Laboratory for Experimental Surgery and Medicine in Primates. 36 minutes

Source: Documentary Educational Resources, 101 Morse Street

Chimps Incorporated

Outreach video of an Oregon sanctuary, Chimps Incorporated.

Source: P.O. Box 6973, Bend, OR 97708; Phone: 541-330-8159

Chimps: So Like Us

Dr. Jane Goodall guides viewers among free-living chimpanzees and their rich cultural lives. The story sharply contrasts that with revelations of poorly maintained research facilities. 29 minutes

Source: Direct Cinema Ltd, P.O. Box 10003, Santa Monica, CA 90410; Phone: 310-396-4774

Educational video: Release & Restitution

Project R&R’s 16-minute presentation on chimpanzees in laboratories makes it easy to show family, friends, colleagues, or your favorite organization. Watch now

Jane Goodall: Among the Wild Chimpanzees

A look at 20 years of Dr. Jane Goodall’s work, including her discovery of chimpanzees making and using tools. 59 minutes


Jane Goodall: My Life with The Chimpanzees

Dr. Jane Goodall’s personal story of the triumphs and trials of living a life in the wild. 60 minutes


Jane Goodall’s Wild Chimpanzees

A portrayal of chimpanzee life in the wild from Dr. Jane Goodall’s beginning of her work in Gombe National Park. The story centers on Fifi, who was two-years-old when Goodall’s study began and moves through the time when Fifi becomes the matriarch. 60 minutes

Source: WNET Video Distribution, P.O. Box 2284, South Burlington, VT 05407; Phone: 1-800-336-1917

Keeli & Ivy: Chimps Like Us

Professor of Psychology Dr. Sally Boysen at Ohio State’s Chimpanzee Center teaches chimpanzees to recognize sequential patterns of letters and read short words. A Discovery Channel crew followed the research over four years. 52 minutes

Source: This video is unavailable for purchase. Available for loan from NEAVS/Project R&R.

Monkey in the Mirror

A comparison of nonhuman primates and human beings. The film concludes that the world of primates is an “astonishing reflection of our own behavior.” 60 minutes

Source: WNET Video Distribution, P.O. Box 2284, South Burlington, VT 05407; Phone: 1-800-336-1917

One Small Step: The Story of the Space Chimps

A documentary tracing the use of chimpanzees for Air and Space research, and the eventual retirement of some into the largest and one of the finest chimpanzee sanctuaries in the world, Save the Chimps, founded by Dr. Carole Noon. 57 minutes

Source: Video is available for purchase

People of the Forest

Dr. Jane Goodall’s research is transformed by wildlife photographer Hugo van Lawick into a “rich tapestry of emotion and drama among chimpanzees in the wild.” The film compiles 20 years of footage following a group of chimpanzees in a Gombe forest. Narrated by Donald Sutherland, 90 minutes

Source:  Discovery Program Enterprises, Bethesda, MD 20814

Sanctuary: A New Life For Research Chimpanzees

An introduction to the Fauna Foundation in Canada and its chimpanzee residents, the first HIV-positive chimpanzees to be retired into sanctuary. Fauna chimpanzees are from the U.S. Laboratory for Experimental Medicine and Surgery in Primates. 46 minutes

Source:  This is not available for purchase. For information on viewing, contact the Fauna Foundation.

YouTube Video: Release Chimps

Project R&R’s short (2 minute) video entitled “Release Chimpanzees”  features college students speaking out on the issue. Produced by students at Boston University’s Adlab.

Watch it now:  Visit our page on YouTube and to send it to all your family and friends to help spread the word!

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