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Yerkes Focus of Chimp ‘Awareness Campaign’—Bailey

May 5, 2006 • Posted in Letter to the Editor

Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 04/20/06—Project R&R’s response: Jarrod Bailey, PhD, Scientific Advisor

To the Editor:

In “Yerkes focus of chimp ‘awareness campaign’” (AJC, 20th April), the director of the Yerkes Primate Center dismissed opponents of chimpanzee research as ignorant and not humane.

Like all supporters of chimpanzee research, he claims it is indispensable to medical progress. In contrast, scientists assessing such claims are finding abundant evidence that chimpanzee studies contribute little or nothing to the development of treatments for human diseases, often only confounding our knowledge and wasting precious millions of research dollars.

In seeking to establish the true value of chimpanzee research, Project R&R: Release and Restitution for Chimpanzees in U.S. Labs is committed to a comprehensive investigation of the subject, and to helping to ensure that the most efficient and productive medical research methods are adopted to rapidly find cures for our diseases. Nothing could be less ignorant, or more humane, than that.

Jarrod Bailey, PhD
Scientific Advisor to Project R&R

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