The Faces of Alamogordo

September 23, 2010 • Posted in

Pictured below* are some of the many Alamogordo Primate Facility (APF) chimpanzees who are scheduled to be transferred to the Southwest National Primate Research Center for use in invasive research.

Flo, Danny, Montessa, Heidi, Nicole, and Robbie have spent their lives in a laboratory and Flo is one of the oldest chimpanzees still held for research; she turns 53 on September 29.

These six chimpanzees, along with 180 others currently housed at APF, deserve a life of safety and comfort in sanctuary. Please take action NOW by adding your voice to the outcry for their permanent retirement and for turning Alamogordo into a model sanctuary of chimpanzee care. In honor of Flo’s birthday, make your gift to her a call, email, or letter today!

Alamogordo, Flo
Alamogordo, Danny
Alamogordo, Montessa
Alamogordo, Heidi
Alamogordo, Nicole
Alamogordo, Robbie

* Pictures received on September 21, 2010 and obtained through a FOIA request.


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