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Help Release the Elder Chimpanzees

October 4, 2011 • Posted in Related News

Wenka, remembered vividly by a former lab worker:

Her fingers were long and delicate, her palms fragile, and they seemed to perfectly represent her sweet and passive nature.

Wenka is a frail 58-year-old chimpanzee held at the Yerkes National Primate Research Center, who, like all chimpanzees still held for use in research, deserves sanctuary. Her time for the comfort and safety of sanctuary is running out. Still living at Yerkes, our most current information indicates that Wenka is one of the oldest chimpanzees in research in the world.

Project R&R's efforts to release the elder chimpanzees before it is too late are supported by chimpanzee experts and scientists, current and former legislators, as well as by the American public. An independent public opinion survey in 2005 revealed that 71% of the American public believes that a chimpanzee used for more than 10 years in research should be retired. 

While Project R&R is committed to rescuing all chimpanzees to sanctuary, your immediate help is needed to secure the release of the elders, many of whom have been in a lab for 40 years or more.


Sign our petition in support of releasing the elders from labs and placing them into sanctuary.

Make a donation to help Project R&R’s rescue and sanctuary placement efforts. These chimpanzees have little time left.

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