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Breeding moratorium—good news!

May 22, 2007 • Posted in Project R&R News

Thanks in part to efforts by Project R&R supporters, the National Center for Research Resources (one of the 27 Institutes/Centers of the National Institutes of Health, NIH) has announced that:

“…after careful review of existing chimpanzee resources, NCRR has determined that it does not have the financial resources to support the breeding of chimpanzees that are owned or supported by NCRR.”

The agenda of today’s (May 22nd) NCRR meeting included consideration of whether or not to lift the voluntary breeding moratorium in place since 1995 on NCRR-owned and supported chimpanzees. The decision came on the heels of work by Project R&R’s Advisory Board and supporters to permanently end the breeding of chimpanzees. Project R&R generated thousands of emails and letters to Barbara Alving, MD, NCRR Director.

“We applaud this decision by NCRR,” says Dr. Theodora Capaldo, director of Project R&R. “It potentially spares hundreds of chimpanzees from being born and living their entire lives in laboratory confinement and use. To those who remain in labs, our committment to their release and restitution is infused with new optimism.”


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