NEAVS Board of Directors

Lorin Lindner, PhD, MPH
Lorin Lindner, PhD, MPH

Dr. Lorin Lindner is a clinical psychologist and preventative health educator practicing in Southern California. She is also the Founder/Director of Serenity Park Sanctuary and Lockwood Animal Rescue Center which provide lifetime sanctuary for rescued birds (Serenity Park), horses, wolves, wolfdogs, and coyotes (Lockwood).

Dr. Lindner teaches psychology from an environmental perspective in the Department of Psychology at Santa Monica College, has worked with Animals and Society (formerly Psychologists for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) for 25 years, and has lectured worldwide on "The Link" between domestic violence, child abuse and cruelty towards animals.

She has co-authored two published articles on the effects of trauma on chimpanzees and has authored/co-authored several other papers and book chapters on animals and the environment, trauma, domestic violence, animal cruelty, eco-psychology, and forensic psychology.

As Clinical Director to New Directions Homeless Veterans, she initiated and ran a trauma-based therapy program for veterans helping disabled veterans care for traumatized parrots in the "Birds of a Feather" work therapy program. Dr. Lindner also specializes in treating perpetrators of animal abuse and training other therapists to apply treatment models to reduce recidivism.

She has been an active member of NEAVS since high school. Dr. Lindner notes:

I am proud to serve on NEAVS’ Board of Directors.  With each victory we achieve, I see awareness spreading and the manifestation of societal change – but most of all I see animals who have been given a chance at regaining their dignity and living out their years in relative freedom.

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